Doing Drama to Critically Read Literature

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There is a renewed focus on teaching literature in many Australian Primary (elementary) schools. Embedded in position papers on how to teach literature is the importance of creative and imaginative thinking for fostering deep understanding (Green, 1995; Heath, 2000; Fiske, 2001).
Reading literature is more than decoding a text. And teaching/learning experiences that engage students to critically appraise what they read need to go further than written response alone. This paper will demonstrate how drama strategies within an English as an Additional Language (EAL) methodology framework (Gibbons, 2002) can be used to enable students to creatively and imaginatively delve below the surface meanings of poetry, picture books and novels. The paper will report on continuing work with primary teachers and children from a diverse range of Sydney classrooms on the teaching of literature using drama strategies (Fair Go Project; Hertzberg, 2006).
In tandem with reporting results, this paper will outline practical strategies and resources to support teachers in the teaching of literature with specific reference to EAL learners in Mainstream classes.

Keywords: Literature, Drama, English As an Additional Language, Creativity, Critical Literacy, Engagement
Stream: Creative Arts and Learning
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Dr Margery Hertzberg

Lecturer, School of Education, University of Western Sydney
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Margery Hertzberg is a Lecturer in the University of Western Sydney’s School of Education. She lectures in ESL, Drama and Literacy across pre-service and postgraduate programs. Her research interest is in the area of educational drama and literacy. She is interested in how Educational drama methodology enhances children’s language and literacy development— particularly children learning English as an additional language. Margery is also President of e:lit - the Primary English Teaching Association – the largest Primary professional association in Australia.

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