What Is the Relationship between the Practice of Shared Leadership and Board Effectiveness in Higher Education?

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Oddly, shared leadership and governance effectiveness have not been linked previously, almost as if each concept was foreign to the other. Normally, institutions of higher education have volunteer boards and institutional leaders. The former are expected to govern and the latter are expected to lead and manage. However, this presentation shall look at the practice of shared leadership as a collaborative effort in stewardship, between the board and the president, and other administrative staff, towards enriching the institution's performance and perspective. Additionally, it shall profile governance effectiveness from the viewpoint of board's actually adding value - decisions and actions that may enhance the long-term quality, growth, and sustainability of the institution - by the ways in which board members and administrators work together for the common good.

Keywords: Leadership, Governance, Board, Effectiveness, Stewardship
Stream: Educational Leadership and Management
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson

President and CEO, Olds College
Olds, Alberta, Canada

Dr. H.J. (Tom) Thompson, President of Olds College since 2001, has drawn on a rich background in higher education, coaching, marketing, and management in working with governments, industry, and communities to achieve the world reknown Community Learning Campus goal of a seamless and integrated learning environment. A life-long learner, Tom completed a Master of Education degree in 1976 at the U of Saskatchewan and completed his Ed.D in education administration at the University of Calgary in 2008. A strong supporter of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Tom has held positions on the Association's Executive and Board and currently Chairs the Alliance of Rural Colleges, responsible for the bi-lateral agreement developed between Canada and USA rural colleges. Dedicated to community development, Tom served as President of the Host Organizing Committee for the 1995 Canada Winter Games. As well, his many speaking engagements at national and international events have helped to broaden awareness of Alberta's post-secondary initiatives and best practices around the world.

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