School-University Collaboration for the Support of Educational Redesign

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School-university collaboration for educational redesign has been found to provide considerable benefits to participants but also many challenges (Peters, 2002). It is widely accepted that there is a need for ongoing research to illuminate the optimum circumstances for such collaboration to thrive (Whitford & Metcalf-Turner, 1999; Smedley, 2001). This research investigated the question: ‘What are the characteristics of and conditions needed for effective school/university collaboration for educational redesign?’ Since 1999 two university colleagues from a South Australian university have worked with school leaders and the Project Manager of a government funded school redesign initiative called Learning to Learn. This paper explores the experiences and perceptions of the university colleagues and Project Manager over their ten years of working together. A qualitative research design was used with data collected through interview, document analysis and field notes. The findings provide insights into their learning about collaboration and supporting educational redesign.

Keywords: School-University Collaboration, School Reform, Educational Redesign, Professional Development
Stream: Organisational Learning, Organisational Change
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , Sustaining School-university Collaboration for Reciprocal Learning

Dr. Judy Peters

Lecturer in Education, Education
School of Education
Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia

Magill, South Australia, Australia

Dr Judy Peters is a Lecturer in Education at the University of South Australia. She works clsoely with student teachers undertaking professional experiences. She has worked as a university colleague in a number of state and federal school reform projects. She has been a university colleague in a government funded educational redesign initiative called Learning to Learn since 1999. Her research interests include school leadership and reform, and teaching and learning in schools and Higher Education. She is currently involved in research investgating successful early career teaching and project managment for educational change.

Dr. Rosie Le Cornu

Senior Lecturer, Education
Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Dr Rosie Le Cornu is Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of South Australia. She works in professional experience related courses and advocates a ‘professional experience curriculum’ based on the notions of reflection, collaboration and partnerships. She continues to be involved in national and state projects which support this work. Since 1999 she has been a university colleague in Learning to Learn, a government funded educational redesign initiative. Her current interests are early career teachers, primary classroom culture, reflective pedagogy, school reform, ICTs in the practicum and practitioner/action research.

Ref: L09P0895