A Matrix of Perspectives as a Tool for Reflective Practice in Inclusive Education

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This presentation reports on a study investigating the use of a matrix of perspectives as a tool for reflective practice in a postgraduate special education program. The matrix enables analysis of learning situations from a variety of different orientations and paradigms. Teachers in a postgraduate special education program used the matrix to analyze IEPs, co-construct meaning around individual casework, and reflect on their professional practice with learners with diverse needs. Data was gathered via surveys, online discussion forums and reflective journals. Results indicated the value of the matrix in facilitating an appreciation of different perspectives and enhancing collaborative and contextualized problem solving. Teachers reported that the matrix provided a valuable framework to navigate complex casework and bring about change appropriate for the particular situation and family. The matrix of perspectives provided a theoretical framework that enabled teachers to challenge their own beliefs and practices, enhancing an understanding of diverse perspectives in inclusive education.

Keywords: Diverse Perspectives, Reflective Practice, Inclusive Education
Stream: Special Education, Learning Difficulties, Disability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , Matrix of Perspectives as a Tool for Reflective Practice in Inclusive Education, A,

Dr. Mandia Mentis

Coordintor Post Graduate Special Education, School of Education at Albany, Massey University
Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Mandia Mentis is Coordinator of the Post Graduate Special Education Program at Massey University, New Zealand. She manages the online learning communities for the Special Education, Educational Psychology and Speech Language Therapy programs. Her research interests include online communities of professional practice, inclusive education and differentiated teaching, learning and assessment.

Ref: L09P0888