On-Line Tutorial for Spanish Teaching Assistants

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The main objective of this work is to give University students in a Canadian University the best learning experience as second language learners. For that reason, it is essential to introduce Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) to their duties as Second Language Instructors before they begin their teaching role.
In Canadian universities the TAs’ role, in languages departments, is to teach one language course at beginner or intermediate level. Most TAs come directly to teach from another cultural and geographical background and have no experience in the North American university teaching setting and even, maybe, have no experience as teachers at all.
Facing this problem, we have proposed an on-line tutorial to guide Spanish TAs to cope with this important responsibility as Graduate Students by acknowledging their lack of experience and that they have to face their students without previous training or preparation. Our on-line tutorial proposal will help TAs to get familiar in advance with their teaching role, the methodology used at this particular Hispanic Studies department, as well as with all the University facilities available to teach Languages. It also provides them with a wide variety of tools and ideas that TAs can integrate in their lectures, and that in consequence the language students can get the benefits in their learning experience of the Spanish Language.
Furthermore, the on-line tutorial gives to the TAs the opportunity to be in touch with other TAs who have previously been in the same situation and share their concerns and ideas.

Keywords: On-Line Education, SLA, Spanish, Learning to Teach
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Maria Eugenia De Luna Villalón

PhD Student, Hispanic Studies, University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

I am a Mexican 2nd year PhD student in Hispanic Studies at The University of Western Ontario, Canada. I have a Teaching Assistantship position and I am a Spanish instructor in a multicultural classroom. I have a MA in Applied Linguistics and my research was Homeliteracy practices in four Mexican immigrant families in Canada with findings such as the use of home literacy practices as a way to maintain Spanish vitality. At this moment I am working in my dissertation proposal, my research interest is languages in contact and SLA.

Ana Maria Garcia Allén

Spanish Instructor, Modern Languages and Literatures, University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

I work at the Universtity of Western Ontario since 1999. I did my Master degree in 'How to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language' at Salamanca University and now I am doing my PhD at The University Oberta of Catalunya on the Information and Knowledge Society, in the area of E-learning. At this moment I working on my thesis proposal. My main areas of interests are on-line Spanish Learning and teaching, new technologies and Spanish Learning, Teaching Presence in on-line learning.

Ref: L09P0875