Effect of Real-Life Context Based Instruction on Remediation of Students' Misconceptions about Energy

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of the real-life context based approach on overcoming the students’ misconceptions related to the “energy” concept.

In this study, a three-tier test having 33 questions was developed and used to survey the Turkish high school students’ misconceptions on the concept of “energy”. In the test, texts including the common real-life context based examples were given before the questions.

To find the reliability of this test, 204 high school students were selected and pre-pilot test items were applied. Item analysis was carried out for all questions, and 7 of them were cancelled. Using the Kuder Richardson formulation (KR-20) reliability coefficient was found as 0,71 for students’ misconceptions on the third tier.

The Misconception test was carried out as a pre-test for experiment and control groups. The experiment group consisted of 50 students, and the control group consisted of 45 students from two different high schools.

Based on the 7E learning model, four lesson plans (about work, kinetic energy, potential energy and elastic potential energy) were prepared by using the real-life context-based approach. For a two months period these lesson plans were applied for experiment group. For the control group, traditional approach was applied.

The Misconception test was carried out as a final test. Results of the experiment and control groups were analyzed by SPSS software. A significant difference was not obtained between both pre-test and final-test results of the experiment and control groups. A number of misconceptions obtained by final-test was less than the number of misconceptions obtained by pre-test for both experiment and control groups. These results will be discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Real-Life, Context Based Approach, Energy Misconception
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Seda Cekic Toroslu

Teacher, Turk Telokom Anadolu Technics High School, Ministry of National Education
Ankara, Turkey

I am a PhD student at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. I am interested in high school students' misconceptions in physics education. I am also physics teacher in Ankara.

Prof. Bilal Gunes

Professor, Head of Department, Gazi Egitim Fakultesi, Fizik Egitimi Anabilim Dali, Gazi Universitesi
Ankara, Turkey

I am a professor at Gazi University, Gazi Education Faculty, Physics Education department. My main subjects are curriculum development (Physics, Science and Technology), misconceptions, solid state physics and crystallography.

Ref: L09P0819