Literacy Practices in Bimodal, Bilingual Preschools

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Early childhood literacy The aim of this ongoing study is to describe young children's literacy events in bimodal, bilingual preschools. There has been an explosion of interest in literacy research across a wide range of disciplines, but there is a lack of research reporting from preschools where deaf or hard of hearing children are enrolled together with hearing peers, especial in bimodal, bilingual settings. What literacy events do these children take part in? And how do they participate? (In what manner and by which means) The theoretical framework of this study has a sociocultural approach to literacy emerged from more general sociocultural theory developed from the theories of L.S Vygotsky. Children literacy learning is a joint construction by the participants in the literacy events. Children are socialised into literacy by their parents, siblings and other people close to them.

The study has an ethnographic inspired approach. By using two cameras and external microphones two researcher are observing and video- recording children in their daily interaction and play situations in preschool. Five preschools take part in this project. One of them is a focus preschool, with eight hearing children and eight children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

All children, practice literacy in a number of context and both the hearing and the hearing impaired children are using both languages. The roles and the functions of the two languages, visual and auditory vary across situations and activities

It is important to get more knowledge about how children who are deaf or hard of hearing get access to literacy. We know that some of these children have problems with their reading and writing at an academic level at school. Traditionally, children who are deaf or hard of hearing have got their education in special preschools and schools for deaf and hard of hearing. Today more often these children are enrolled in local kindergartens.

Keywords: Literacy, Preschool Children, Bimodal Bilingual Education
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Paper: , Literacy Practices in a Bimodal, Bilingual Kindergarten

Ann Elise Kristoffersen

Phd Student, Sk├ądalen Resource Centre/Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo
Oslo, Norway

My background is a preschool teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing.
My interests are in everyday educational issues such as communication, literacy and learning, children participation and inclusion in preschool enviroments.
The last years I have been working on a project; A follow up study of 24 young children with cochlear implants. The main focus for this study was communication and participation in an inclusive learning environment.

Ref: L09P0786