Education and Efforts: Building Educational Quality in Postmodernity

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In this article we expect to give a generic view of Education at the dawn of 21st Century. We must know the social task of Education and all its dimensions. Effort is a fundamental pillar to achieve all our objectives from the educational system. At the same time, we must also underline how postmodern axiology (whims, lack of efforts) is one of the biggest enemies of people’s well – being. These vain values equally generate failure and unease in schools and other fields of daily life, creating continuous dissatisfaction.
A recovery of efforts’ culture is needed. The most obvious aspects of Education must always be forceful, demanding stubborn perseverance with both gentle and dynamic warnings. We must go for affirmation and strength. Nothing of this is fashionable right now, and maybe, there won’t ever be. We know that these aspects may cause new or alternative ideologies and become themselves doctrinaire and dominant, but this is not what we must refer to like we were Spartan soldiers, but the demanded necessity of an authentically based on morality education, a pedagogy that means learning and training, self-control and courage, both humanized and humanizer heroism. In short, an Education with spirit for personal conquest, ideals and the benefit of humanity.

Keywords: Educational Quality, Educational Establishments, Comprehensive Education, Values, Postmodernity
Stream: Equity, Social Justice and Social Change; Community, Culture, Globalisation
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Dr. Francisco Javier Hinojo Lucena

Lecturer, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar, Universidad de Granada
Granada, Spain

Santiago Alonso García

Lecturer, Sección de Albacete, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
Albacete, Spain

Prof. Francisco Raso Sánchez

Lecturer, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar
Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de Granada

Granada, x, Spain

Prof. Daniel Garrote Rojas

Lecturer, Sección de Albacete, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
Albacete, Spain

Prof. Emilia Maria Jimenez Mesas

Doctoranda, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar, Universidad de Granada
Granada, Spain

Maria Angustias Hinojo Lucena

Universidad de Granada
Granada, Spain

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