An Analysis of the Demands of Teachers and Principals on Educational Sciences Research

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The aims of this study are to determine how teachers accomplish their research on education, to identify the characteristics they want to see in the research and to identify in which subject they make demands on.
The data were collected through a Likert-type scale adaptation to Turkish for present study. SPSS 14.00 was used for percentile values, t-test, one-way ANOVA test, and reliability and validity analyses of the scale. The results of the study revealed that the most related groups on educational research are primary school teachers, special education teachers and nursery school teachers. Generally the teachers and principals follow research on the Internet, the subject of research which they want to searched most and those which they were affected most are “the effective education model, strategy and techniques and effective education strategies for students who have different ability groups. Besides in the perceptions of gender of teachers and principals, “research’ feasibility” sub dimension of “the value of educational research” are different between male and female teacher.

Keywords: Educational Research, Demands of Research, Teacher and Principal
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Dr. Mustafa Yavuz

Professor, Education Sciences
Faculty of Education, Selcuk University

Meram, Konya, Turkey

Mustafa YAVUZ is Assistant Professor at Education Faculty, Education Sciences Deparment in Konya, Turkey. My principal areas of research lie in the field of Personel Development and Educational Leadership.

Ref: L09P0736