Experiential Learning: Preparation for Headship

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Preparation for leadership is a very personal activity. It involves personal learning by individuals. Much of this learning is experiential and subjective. Investigating such a personal and subjective activity is challenging. The key idea of this kind of learning is to reflect on personal experience and turn it into knowledge. Experience alone is not enough; it must be acted on in some way. Unorganized ‘experiential knowledge’ can be drawn upon without people realizing that they are using it. Such learning builds into people’s habits, procedures, decision-making and ways of thinking, without being scrutinized or brought under critical control.

This study examined Head Teachers’ and Deputies’ opinions, feeling and thoughts about how their learning process was driven by their experience. Experiential learning in this study was investigated from three major aspects of learning namely: informal, relational and formal. In addition, the current practice and policy of the Ministry or Education in relation to the development of school headship was also examined.

Keywords: Experiential Learning, Headship, Informal, Formal, Relational
Stream: Educational Leadership and Management
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Experiential Learning

Dr. Habibah Yuda Sion

Head of Policy and Planning, Human Resource Development Division, Ministry of Education
Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Preparing, setting and design planning of human resource policy for the development of human resource in the Ministry of Education. Setting, design and plans the standard of succession planning at department and school level, working independently and collaboratively with other department in term of research and development, identify the best practices to be implemented in Brunei education system, monitoring and sustained the post-training effectiveness as well as professional development programme at school, departmental and ministerial level.

Ref: L09P0668