Challenges Facing Future Universities at the Millennium: Links to Work, Citizenship and Identity

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Discoveries are the product of research done mostly in universities. Different agents challenged universities at the Millennium, such as development of information technology and communications, these challenges include:
1-Changeable environment
3-Educating students
5-Tax funding
7-Misunderstandings from religious and nationalistic problems

Based on these challenges, a survey was done, using 740 students randomly selected from 10 universities in southwest of Iran. Students responded to questions regarding the challenges and expectations in the future of universities. Data were analyzed by the descriptive statistical indexes and T-test, between women and men. P< 0.0001, df = 369, t = 3.82 were significant.
These results are achieved in form of some aims and universities must go trough these aims:
1-Perform traditional aim in training experts
2-Try for conserving historical and cultural identity with respect to other opinions with peaceful insight
3-Supply educational opportunity for poor class and proceed in expanding social justice
4-Help national economy with performing effective researches
5-Apply systematic- cooperative management in managing universities with research university approach
6-Instead of consuming huge budget for expanding military weapons, specialize more budgets to universities and removing the problem of budget by attracting
7-people assistants and give some university's duties to private section

Keywords: Challenge, Cultural Identity, Social Justice, Religion, Poverty, Expectations, Budget, Reconciliation Sciences
Stream: Technology in Learning; Maths, Science and Technology Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: University Challenges in the Third Millennium

Dr. Shapour Fereydouni

Assistant Professor and Asssistant Dean, Education and Psychology Department
College of Humanity, Islamic Azad University - Gachsaran Branch

Gachsaran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I worked at the university for approximately 16 years. I am interested in learning, philosophical and educational subjects, I have some publications in these fields. I had many articles in conferences. I was the dean of the psychology and educational department for many years and now I am the assistant dean of students.

Ref: L09P0645