Living Local, Thinking Global: Creating and Sustaining Pedagogies

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Effective school leadership is about creating and sustaining pedagogies that enable the school community to balance the changing demands of global and local citizenship. Sustaining pedagogies account for diverse students’ intellectual and social needs ranging from local to community context. Teachers need to develop a range of skills to ensure students are adequately equipped to connect with change via a range of local and global literacies and skills to be able to make ideal intellectual and social choices for personal learning pathways. How can school leaders ensure that sustaining pedagogies are planned for, taught for and evaluated at their school? How do leaders create a climate that fosters an environment that promotes the 'living local, thinking global ethos'?

This workshop explores specific strategies used in the Northern Territory of Australia to drive conversations and process. Participants will engage with a set of conversational tools needed to implement changes to teaching and learning programs.

Keywords: School Leadership, Pedagogy for Change, Teacher Focus
Stream: Educational Leadership and Management
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Liz Veel

Principal, Primary School, NT Department of Education, Employment and Training
Darwin, NT, Australia

Liz Veel is Principal at Nightcliff Primary School in the Northern Territory of Australia. Liz has presented at many national and local conferences. Liz has completed a Masters of International Management and a Masters of Educational Administration.

Maree Bredhauer

Principal, Girraween Primary School, NT Department of Education, Employment and Training
Darwin, NT, Australia

Maree Bredhauer is currently Principal of Girraween Primary School in the Northern Territory. Maree has presented at many National and local conferences and has completed a Masters of International Management and a Masters of Education.

Ref: L09P0063