The Teaching Process Using Cabri Geometry: Primary School Students’ Experience about Quadrilaterals

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Dynamic geometry environments introduce a spatial representation of a key feature of mathematics, variability. When using dynamic geometry software such as Cabri Geometry, establishing conjectures in geometry is essentially visual. Cabri facilitates the visualization process, facilitates the conjecturing and helps to implement the students’ geometric knowledge. In this study, the primary school 5th grade students’ experience regarding the subject of quadrilaterals by means of Cabri Geometry Software. Dynamically prepared quadrilaterals; parallelogram, rhombus, square and rectangle were investigated and their features were discovered by the students, then a family structure among quadrilaterals were formed with the help of students. In this study, the students’ verbal and written expressions related to quadrilaterals and the relations among quadrilaterals through a problem will be presented, additionally the diagrams which the students formed regarding the hierarchal structures of quadrilaterals will be shared.

Keywords: Dynamic Geometry, Cabri Geometry, Quadrilaterals
Stream: Technology in Learning; Maths, Science and Technology Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Nilufer Y. Kose

Lecturer, Department of Primary Education
Faculty of Education, Anadolu University

Eskişehir, Turkey

Dr. Aynur Ozdaş

Full Professor, Department of Primary Education
Faculty of Education, Anadolu University

Eskişehir, Turkey

Ref: L09P0587