New Organizational, Methodological and Collaborative-Work Challenges Within the Field of University Teaching

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The new requirements related to the implementation of the European System of Higher Education involve — regarding both teaching staff and students from university spheres — the need of methodological, curricular and assessment reorganization.

The experience presented here begins from a research set into motion within the heart of a team of teaching professionals in the Faculty of Pedagogy in the University of Barcelona and its main objective is the proposal of changes in the existing teaching-learning processes, focusing its attention on the students’ autonomous work and collaborative work among teaching professionals. These changes have involved redesigning our current basic objectives and competences, proposing a new teaching methodology, new collaborative-work mechanisms among teaching professionals and new viewpoints in teaching-learning evaluation.

Through non-participant observations within the classroom, discussion groups with students, analysis of the students’ teaching files and teaching professionals’ reflexive diaries, we are currently following up both the results of the project and the satisfaction of both the students and teaching professionals involved regarding the changes conceived and proposed.

Keywords: University Teaching, Teaching Work, Collaborative Learning, European System of Higher Education
Stream: Organisational Learning, Organisational Change
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Dra. Beatriz Jarauta

Teacher Researcher, Department de Didàctica i Organització Educativa, Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain, Spain

Núria Serrat


Dr. Josep Lluís Medina

Barcelona, Spain, Spain

Ref: L09P0575