Opinions of Primary School Teacher Candidates with Different Epistemological Beliefs about Using Metacognitive Learning Strategies

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Conducting research, solving problem, using creative information, knowing and applying ways of critical and creative thinking and learning to learn are the most important requirements of keeping step with information society. Among these abilities, learning to learn requires an individual who knows his/her learning characteristics and effective usage ways of them. Along with epistemological beliefs defined as individuals’ subjective beliefs about what information is and how knowing and learning occurs, metacognitive learning strategies explained as students’ supervisions of the activities performed on their learning can be considered as basic factors of learning to learn. In this qualitative research, it is aimed at determining opinions of primary school teacher candidates who have different epistemological beliefs regarding their using metacognitive learning strategies. The sample of the research is 20 students in Primary School Teacher program in Anadolu University and is identified by using standard sampling method. The data were collected via the semi-structured interviews and the findings of the research were analyzed and interpreted by descriptive analysis. The findings of the research is presented via frequency tables and direct quotations of sample students.

Keywords: Learning, Epistemological Beliefs, Learning Strategies, Metacognitive Learning Strategies
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Meral Güven

Assistant Professor Doctor, Department of Educational Science
Education Faculty, Anadolu University

Eskişehir, Turkey

Asst. Prof. Dr. Meral Güven is a member Faculty of University of Anadolu, Department of Educational Science, Curriculum and Instruction Programme. Her undergraduate, master and ve doctoral degree are on the Curriculum and Instruction Programme. Learning styles,learning strategies, information literacy and in-service training are in her working.

Dr. Serife Dilek Belet Boyaci

Assistant Professor Doctor, Education Faculty, Anadolu University
Eskişehir, Turkey

Ref: L09P0563