The Five-Card Subliminal Magic Thinking Method: A Proven Pre-Writing Strategy by An Award-Winning Poet and Journalist

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Writing = Thinking: You have a blank sheet to paper before you, and you want to create a paper that expresses your thoughts, tapping into your subliminal self. Through a method taught by Professor Beverly G. Merrick, a prize-winning poet and lifelong writing teacher, you can recover the valuable "T n' T thoughts" from TODDLER Though TODAY with a writing process that uses your senses to recover memory from your subconscious self. This method has been a highly successful pre-writing exercise adapted from workshops of the National Writers Institute, a workshop strategy utilized by Chris Burnham, of New Mexico State University called Five Card-Stud. Dr. Merrick uses a modified method with persons of all ages, from aspiring poets to business leaders who want to communicate better with colleagues in the workplace. It probably is the best hand your shall ever hold in this winning game of writing.

Keywords: Writing = Thinking, Tapping into Six Senses, Subliminal Writing Process, Method for Lifelong Learning, Highly Successful Pre-Writing Exercise
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Prof. Beverly Georgian Merrick

Professor, Past Chair and College Library Liaison, Mass Communication,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences, United Arab Emirates University

Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Beverly G. Merrick is a professor and a past chair of the Mass Communication Department at the United Arab Emirates University. The journalism professor is the former head of the Magazine Division of the Association of Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes biographies of women journalists, especially those who worked for major newspapers in New York City during the decades of the 1890s to the 1950s. Her research on women in media management has been republished in academic journals three times, having received first place in the United States from the National Association for Women’s Deans, Advisers and Counselors. Dr. Merrick is a fellow of the American Press Institute Alliance for Academic Excellence, through Newsday, and a Freedom Forum Ethics Fellow. She served as a senior Fulbright Specialist in the Republic of Georgia, having been named a distinguished professor of journalism by the faculty of Grigol Robakidze University, Tbilisi. She became a journalist to fund her true avocation, poetry. The Nebraska native once was named a homemaker of the year by an Ohio governor, being the director of an environmental project that changed watershed law with a U.S. Supreme Court decision on eminent domain. She has published widely, having written the main online biography of Rosa Luxemburg and other women writers and thinkers. Her news article on William O. Farber, mentor of Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, is catalogued in the Library of Congress.

Ref: L09P0562