Putting Pieces into Perspective: A Case Study on Exploring School Accountability for Young Children’s Language and Literacy Growth

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The era of accountability calls for a growing demand of assessment tools in the educational field. In the context of language and literacy education for young children, increasing evidence inform educators that authentic assessment and criterion-referenced measurement are aligned with curriculum and met with national standards for accountability (Cook, 2004; Grisham-Brown, Hallam, and Brookshire, 2006; Grisham-Brown, Hallam, and Pretti-Frontczak, 2008 ). Endeavors were made by two researchers to explore the use of a newly constructed assessment tool, and its implementation. The case study method was adopted. One mainstream preschool practicing curriculum-based authentic assessment with the use of the newly constructed language and literacy assessment tool participated in the study.
The study aimed at exploring school accountability by putting pieces into perspective with a focus to children's language and literacy development as an area to start with. The study addressed the research question, "Do the use of curriculum-based authentic assessment, and the Language and Literacy assessment tool (HKIEd, 2007) support the accountability requirements of PIs?”
Data collection for this case study was multi-sources, including achieves from a previous project (2005-2007), interviews with school staff and previous project consultant, documents and artifacts provided by school staff. Data description was documentary and data analysis was interpretive.
Three levels of accountability were presented, including the classroom/child level, the school/curriculum level, and the regional/PIs level. A working assessment system was inferred from the case. A discussion of the research question was written. This paper emphasized the significance of conducting studies related to assessment, curriculum, and school improvement in meeting accountability emphasis in this century.

Keywords: Accountability, Young Children, Language and Literacy, Authentic Assessment
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Sing-pui Chan

Lecturer, Department of Early Childhood Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Hong Kong, China

Research interests are constructivist teaching and learning, young children's language development and learning.

Dr. Siu-man Wong

Assisstant Professor, Department of Early Childhood Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Hong Kong, China

The co-author’s areas of specialization include children’s language and literacy development, curriculum studies, teacher development, and arts-based narrative inquiry. She has been the Principal Investigator and co-investigators of several research projects conducted in Hong Kong. These studies include: 1) an arts-based language curriculum in a pre-service early childhood education course; 2) the development of a storybook read-aloud programme for pre-school children; and 3) a curriculum-based child assessment model for quality early childhood programme.

Ref: L09P0549