Learning Goals for a Global Society in View of Western and Vedic Educational Philosophies, and Latvian Folk Traditions

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Globalization is not to be understood merely in terms of economic growth, trade and commerce. Globalization in the real sense should mean widening of self-sameness everywhere and inter-faith value orientation in education as the core of global human existence. Nowadays, when even education is being globalized and westernized, it has become necessary to remember the ancient common root values, which have already stood the test of times. The historical annals of India record millenniums; the Latvian folk songs, the dainas, more than 1.2 million texts in quatrain form, dating back over a thousand years, are the very embodiment of Latvian cultural heritage and specifically Latvian in its structure and worldview. Latvian folk traditions like Vedic educational theory are in some aspects different from the Western and have many good tenets.
In this paper, Vedic and Latvian views on education of Cosmic Unity and Environmental Ethics, Peace and Friendship, Freedom and Equality, Principles of Life and Duty-Based Welfare have been discussed in modern Western contexts.
Learning goals, essential characteristics, general trends and key concepts within the traditions of Western, Vedic and Latvian Folk Educational practises have been compared and analyzed and their parallels and divergences are explored.
These ancient systems of education are flexible enough to get suitably modified and transformed according to the needs and projections of the 21st century.

Keywords: Educational Philosophy, Education for a Global Society, Interchange among Philosophies, Latvian Folk Traditions, Learning goals, Value-Based Education, Vedic Educational Theory
Stream: Equity, Social Justice and Social Change; Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Learning Goals for a Global Society in View of Western and Vedic Educational Philosophies, and Latvian Folk Traditions

Gunta Oseniece

Doctoral Student, Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Latvia
Riga, Latvia

Gunta Oseniece, postgraduate student in the doctoral level in Education at the University of Latvia. Born in 1972 in Latvia; married. Nationality: Latvian. Languages: Latvian, Russian, English, and German. Ma. philol., 1996-2007 lecturer in German Language and Culture at the University of Latvia and at the Latvian Academy of Culture. Research: “The Encounter Between Oriental and Western Values in Modern Educational Systems”. Academic interests: Vedic Culture, Educational Philosophy, Individual and Social Ethics, Character Education, Human Resource Development, Holistic and Integral Education, Family Life Education. Contacts: Ozolu iela 78, Ikšķile LV-5052, LATVIA. E-mail.: gunta.oseniece@lu.lv

Ref: L09P0542