How Do University Teachers Learn to Teach? Analysis and Reflections from a Phenomenological Approach

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This paper is part of a broader investigation focusing on how university teachers learn to teach in order to promote learning in all their students.

It is known that the university has been concerned about research activity and expertise in knowledge. Because of this, frequently, the importance of the education and the teaching-learning process has been underestimated at the university. However, from our point of view, we can not overlook this process which involves both the educational relationship that occurs in classroom and all those strategies and tools that teachers use to ensure the learning of their students.

This research has been developed using a phenomenological approach and rescues the subjective experiences of a group of teachers with different levels of pedagogical experience from different fields at the University of Barcelona. Preliminary results and reflections are presented and commented in this paper.

Keywords: University Teaching, Reflection on Teaching Practices, Teaching-Learning Process
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Carolina Guzmán Valenzuela

Junior Researcher, Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Educativa, University of Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

I am a Psychologist and M.A. in Psychology, with a major in Educational Psychology. Currently, I am finishing my PhD. In Education at the University of Barcelona (Faculty of Pedagogy) and I am a Junior researcher at the Department of Didactics and School Organization where I work as a member of a research group whose name is “Formació Docent i Innovació Pedagògica- FODIP” (Academic Development and Educational Innovation). My Research interests are related to teaching practices, Didactics and academic and professional development of teachers.

Ref: L09P0512