Practicing the Teaching Profession: Different Contexts, Different Conditions?

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Teaching is often described as a job where every day is different. Indeed, the job involves various goals and demands, which in fact even at times contradict each other. In addition, the pupils are individuals with individual needs and characteristics. These circumstances point at the complexity of the job. Numerous of studies highlight teaching, what it involves and what the conditions for practicing it are. However, an imperative issue to rise is whether the existing descriptions include teachers working in indigenous contexts. How is the job perceived/experienced by teachers in indigenous contexts? Do these teachers identify any context-specific conditions? Are there context-specific conditions which are problematic? If so, how? This paper is based on interviews with teachers in indigenous contexts in Sweden and Australia. The aim is to highlight working conditions among teachers in indigenous contexts, because if there are problematic issues they need to be addressed in light of these teachers’ centrality in terms of cultural bearers and learning for their pupils.

Keywords: Teaching Profession, Working Conditions, Indigenous Contexts, Teachers' Learning
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Dr. Karolina Parding

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Human Work Sciences, Luleå University of Technology
Luleå, Norrbotten, Sweden

I am a sociologist, with main focus on professions and working conditions among professionals, in particular teachers. I completed my Master of Philosophy in 2003, from Cambridge University, Newnham College. Subsequenly, I took on my doctorate studies, which I finished my PhD in 2007, presenting a study on upper secondary teachers' working conditions. Having studied teachers' working conditions in the public sector my focus have now broadened to include the independent sector. Currently I hold a post-doc position at Luleå University of Technology. I am currently involved in a research project focusing on learning in indigenous contexts (Austalia - Aboriginals and Sweden -Sami).

Ref: L09P0455