An Action Research Approach to Integrating Academic Integrity

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The problem of student plagiarism has been much discussed in English speaking universities in recent years, and while this indicates that academic misconduct is taken seriously it also situates the students as needing to change their behaviour. Understandably, staff who have the misfortune to deal with student plagiarism might wish for behaviour change so that the number of allegations of plagiarism is reduced. This paper frames plagiarism as a problem which needs to be taken seriously, but rather than focusing on the deficiencies in student practice, it focuses on university wide change and how this could take place. An Australian university provides the context for this change. The paper describes an action research project designed to give senior staff the opportunity to recognise and implement educational programs which would promote academic integrity and lead to plagiarism being dealt with in an integrated approach. Underpinning this embrace of academic integrity is the need to connect policy and practice to achieve consistent outcomes across the university.

Keywords: Academic Integrity, Research Action, Plagiarism
Stream: Equity, Social Justice and Social Change; Community, Culture, Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Julianne East

Adviser, Language and Academic Skills, La Trobe University
Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Julianne East is the Co-ordinator of the Language and Academic Skills (English as a Second Language) Unit at La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia. Her role as a lecturer in academic language and learning, involves advising students and staff, teaching about academic culture and English language, and researching student learning. She is the secretary of the Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity: She has written about the roles of academic language and learning advisers, student autonomy, and issues of academic integrity. Her current research interest covers academic integrity and the problem of plagiarism for university students.

Ref: L09P0394