The Practicum and Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Development

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The first year in any profession is daunting: even more so the first year in teaching. (Merrill, 1985: p 7)

There is increasing emphasis on using research evidence to assess the effectiveness of teacher preparation and research about what prospective teachers learn in their coursework and field experiences. This study aims at finding out the impacts of practicum on pre-service teachers’ self-development.

In this study, 143 distance pre-service teachers were given a questionnaire and asked to indicate their sense of efficacy. In recognizing the multiple challenges that teachers face in their student teaching and the influences of pre-service teachers' sense of efficacy during their practicum, it also attempts to analyze the needs of prospective teachers by addressing the perceived strengths and perceived areas that need development. Results of the study help to evaluate and revise the teacher education curriculum and practicum process as well as presenting implications for contributing to teachers' self-efficacy and motivation.

Keywords: Pre-Service Teachers, Sense of Efficacy, Practicum
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Exploring Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceived Weaknesses during their School-Based Teaching Experience

Mine Dikdere

Assistant professor, Education Faculty, Anadolu University
Eskisehir, Turkey

Mine Dikdere currently has been teaching as an assistant professor at
Anadolu University, Education Faculty, ELT Department, Eskisehir,
Turkey. She has got her BA degree at Anadolu Universty, Education
Faculty, on ELT (1988), MA degree at University of Essex on Descriptive
and Applied Linguistics (1991) England, and PhD degree at Anadolu
University on ELT (1999). She has been interested in teacher training
and child language learning. Her research interests also include pre-service teachers, teacher development, teaching English to young learners, language teaching methodology and materials evaluation and development . She has participated in several projects related to pre-service and in-service teacher training and distance learning.

Ref: L09P0211