Journeyman to Master: The Changing Shape of a PGCE Primary Course

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Since the Framework for Higher Educational Qualification (FHEQ) declared it’s proposal in 2005, there have been subsequent and ongoing changes in Initial Teacher Training. This has inevitably permeated itself into the changing face of education in the UK, which in turn has led to the university college reassessing the framework of its education degrees and in particular, the postgraduate programmes. This paper seeks to acknowledge the challenges, discuss the impact and consider future dilemmas facing a primary postgraduate programme, aiming to provide a rounded student teacher experience while achieving Masters credits. This narrative is taken from phase 1 of a longitudinal study looking at the changing nature of the primary postgraduate programme and considers how the design will reflect and where possible facilitate the ever changing requirements of it’s immediate community. In the pilot year this has been carried out in the form of critical evaluations of the structure and design as well as via student feedback. This will be further extended through, tracking the progress of a sample of students from each successive year group, into and during their NQT years and eventually, to the future completion of their Masters degrees.

Keywords: Student Teachers, Masters Level, PGCE, Primary Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Wendy Geens

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Sharon James

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