Code Switching Patterns among Science Teachers in a Malaysian Seecondary School

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To be globally competitive in the borderless world, Malaysia made a bold move in its education system when the medium of instruction for Math and Science subjects was changed from Bahasa Malaysia (L1) to English (L2).This shift of policy received its fair share of criticisms from various concerned parties since its implementation in 2002 which was done in stages. Apart from ELT, teachers in Malaysia are trained in L1, so having to teach in L2, a lot of problems arise especially concerning the language use. Students too find it hard to comprehend the lessons taught, especially those in the rural areas. Thus, code switching among teachers is inevitable as they feel that students' comprehension is of utmost importance .This study looks at when and why teachers code switch and whether it facilitates or hinders the learning process.It also questions whether code switching should be accepted in the formal classroom setting.

Keywords: Code Switching, Medium of Instruction, Facilitate, Comprehension
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Mimi Estonella Mastan

Masters Student

Dr. Nooreiny Maarof

Associate Professor, Methodology and Educational Practice, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Ref: L09P0184