Traditional Chalk-and-Talk Lectures Online

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Today uses of digitally prepared PowerPoint, Postcasts, etc., presentations have increased in universities to encourage student exposure to lecture material. However, the advantage of chalkboards over digital presentations is that in the latter, the lecturer tends to proceed too fast and overwhelms the audience. Chalkboards are still very much in use in our days. We introduce an open automated recording system, called openEyA (to Enhance your Audience: see whose final result looks similar, or as much as closer, to a high quality learning experience for a remote audience. openEyA is an innovative system to archive and share physics and maths lectures carried out using either modern (PPT, PDF, etc) presentations or the old and traditional chalkboard lectures. openEyA can also be used in e-learning as content producer. Most important though, lecturers using openEyA are not required to follow any special technical constraints.

Keywords: Webcasting, Rich Media, Traditional Lecture Recording, e-Learning
Stream: Technology in Learning; Maths, Science and Technology Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr E Canessa

Researcher, Science Dissemination Unit, ICTP
Trieste, FVG, Italy


Ref: L09P1698