Key Methodological Issues in Training Educators for Educational Use of ICT

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Teacher and educator training on educational use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is a key and strategic factor for the innovation and the change in educational systems. However, this training should not have to be reduced to the technical dimension, only with the main objective to qualify teachers and educators in the use of technological devices, but to provide them with a range of pedagogical and sociocultural knowledge that allows them to understand, to criticize, to design, to apply, to evaluate and to control educational processes using technologies.

In this paper authors show theoretical reflection and practical development of a proposed initial and in-service training for teachers and educators in the field of educational ICT use from a reflective practical perspective. Teacher and educators training in ICT, considering them as practice-reflexive professionals, will generate a high level of autonomy, creativity, research and responsibility as regards technological media. The authors explain the way this process of training developed out of their experience at university as teacher and educators trainers, so that their approach can be transferred to teaching practice in the diferent professional situations. This paper shows examples of reflective contents, methodological strategies and activities for learning designed for initial and in-service training of teachers and educators in the field of ICT educational use, in traditional as well as virtual environments, as well the voices from some students and teachers involved in this training process.

Keywords: ICT Education, Educators’ ICT Competences, Initial Training of Educators
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Dr. Guillermo Bautista

Profesor, Ciencias de la educación, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

Dra. Adriana Ornellas

Profesora, Informática y Multimedia, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

Dra. Anna Forés

Profesora, Didáctica y Organización Educativa, Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Ref: L09P1697