An Investigation of the Effect of Balance Education Exercises on Some Self-Care Skills of the Mentally Retarded

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This research intends to determine the effect of balance education exercises on selected self-care skills of mentally retarded children. In this research, the balance performance of children was measured by balance skill measuring instrument which was set up with the assistance of the specialists and both treatment and non-treatment control groups were constituted homogeneously. As prerequisite, four dressing-undressing skills that need balance skill were selected with the assistance of the specialists. The performances of selected skills of both groups were evaluated by the skill analysis form that is composed by the private education specialist.

The balance developer exercises programme that was set up with the assistance of specialists was executed to the treatment group for eight weeks after the process of performance evaluation. The selected self-care skills were executed by the private education specialist to both groups concurrently with the balance developer exercises programme.
At the end of the 8th week, balance skills and at the end of the fourth and eighth weeks self-care skills were evaluated. The data obtained at the end of the research was evaluated by Wilcoxon Match-Pairs Signed Ranks Test. SPSS 11.0 package program was used for evaluations.

Keywords: Mentally Retarded Children, Balance, Self-Care Skills
Stream: Special Education, Learning Difficulties, Disability
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Güçlü

Assistant Professor Doctor, School of Physical Education and Sport, Gazi University
Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

Nilgün Demirel

Affiliation not supplied
Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

Ref: L09P1676