Training People with Disabilities in the Use of IT: A Community Case

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Access to information and related technologies is still an issue for disabled people across Mexico, especially for those with basic literacy. This paper describes the implementation of a training course in the use of the computer for people with disabilities, aimed to equip them with basic skills that will allow them to run a computer lab for the benefit of their community. Technical adaptations and didactic strategies for people with motor disabilities and visual impairment are described, as well as opinions of the participants on the conduction of the training.

Keywords: Disability, Information Technology, Training
Stream: Technology in Learning; Maths, Science and Technology Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Training People with Disabilities in the Use of IT

Silvia Berenice Fajardo-Flores

Full-Time Teacher, Faculty of Telematics, University of Colima
Colima, Colima, Mexico

Silvia worked as an educational software developer for ten years at the Centre for the Production of Educational Materials (CEUPROMED) at the University of Colima, Mexico, and she is lecturer in the Faculty of Telematics. Her research interests are interaction design, accessibility and information technology applied to education, and she is currently doing research on accessibility for the blind.

Ref: L09P1663