Sustainable Consumer Education

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In most of the world's countries there is an economic crisis. Such factors as global warming, energy crisis, famine, economic crises change the habit and life standards of the consumers. On the other side, such factors as variety of goods and service, commercials, brand, income level of the consumer, habits, provident education head the consumers towards expenditure other than their needs. The production and parallel to this the rapid increase of consuming brought the concept of sustainability. Sustainable life and development process focuses mostly on conscious consuming attitude. When all of these factors are taken into account; consumer education concept which has an important place in gaining conscious consuming attitude has came up as an global issue nowadays.
Consumer education includes the education programmes and tools for every individual in the society to be a clever and conscious consumer as well as citizen. Consumer education is defined as the educational and informing investment of directing the individuals economic activities, satisfying the needs, usage of the sources rationally, learning their basic rights, increasing their effectiveness in the market. Consumer education aims to help the consumer to gain maximum advantage by improving their value and ability, and to make them understand the economy and changing market circumstances. Every consumer has a different consuming attitude than the other and learns new attitudes everyday. Changing negative attitudes and thoughts is possible only by education.

Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainable Consumption, Formal Consumer Education, Common Consumer Education.
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Paper: The Role of Consumer Education in Achieving Sustainable Consumption Behaviour

Dr. Ateş Bayazıt Hayta

Doctor and Research Assistant, Department of Family Science and Consumer Education
Institute of Educational Sciences, Gazi University

Ankara, Turkey

I'm a doctor research assistant. I work at Gazi University in Turkey. My department is family science and consumer education. My teaching and research field is family economics, consumer behaviour, consumer education, marketing, tourism and environment. I have many articles and international congress papers and two books.

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