Undergraduate's Quantitative Skills and Industrial Needs

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The power of statistical methods for improving industrial processes has long been recognized. Tools such as control charts, design of experiment and forecasting have been successfully applied by engineers and managers to improve industrial processes. This paper shall discuss an on going research project that aimed to develop statistical learning module based on industrial needs. Our main objective is to investigate gaps between workplaces needs and formal statistical methods taught at tertiary level. Data were obtained from eight case studies carried out at three different types of industries; manufacturings, productions and services. The finding suggested that our undergraduate’s curriculum sufficiently addressed the basic quantitative skills requirement of the industries. However to further enhance undergraduates employability, intellectual characteristics which include problem solving, reasoning and communication skills are qualities that are also greatly valued. In the second phase of the project web system learning modules are developed. The login identification web system containing dynamic HTML pages are generated using PHP programming language that bridged MySQL database and the contents displayed. Each section of the learning sequences addressed statistical reasoning framework which are; Identification, summarizing, interpretation and analyzing. University and industries collaboration offers undergraduates and academician valuable opportunities to gain insight into workplaces expectation and needs to be addressed by higher institutions.

Keywords: Statistics Applications, Learning, Industry-Academia Collaboration, Web System
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Undergraduate’s Quantitative Skills and Industrial Needs

Dr. Siti Aishah Sh. Abdullah

Lecturer, Faculty Technology and Quantitative Science, University Technology MARA
Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia

I teach Mathematics at University Technology MARA Malaysia. Graduated form Leeds University (UK) in Bsc Mathematics. Obtain my Msc in Mathematics and Phd in Mathematics Education form University Science Malaysia.My research interest are diverse. Currently i am engaged in Academia Industry linkage and rural education issues.

Ref: L09P1600