Comparison of the Level of Teachers’ Confidence in School Administrators in State and Private Primary Schools

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The aim of this research is to compare the trust level of the teachers carrying out their duties in state and private primary schools according to teacher’s opinion.
The “Trust Scale of the Teachers to their Administration” developed by Polat (2007) was used as a data collection means. Questionnaire has been applied to 750 teachers working in the state and private primary schools in Altındağ, Çankaya, Mamak and Yenimahalle Central Districts of Ankara Province. The scanner model has been used to determine the situation existing in this research. The data has been tested at the level of significance of p<0,05. T-test and one-way analysis of variance have been used in statistical analyses of the research data.
As a result of the research, it has been determined that the teachers’ trust in school administrator at medium level; that there is no significant difference between the point of view of sex, education status, seniority variance and the reliance level of the teachers placed on school administrators; that there is a significant difference between the levels of confidence of the teachers working in the state primary schools according to their service period past in schools, and that this existing difference is between the confidence levels of the teachers having 1-2 years of service periods in schools and the confidence levels of those teachers having 5-6 years of service periods; in addition, when the confidence level between the state primary schools and private primary schools is compared, it has been determined that the level of teachers’ confidence in school administrator in the private schools is higher than in the state primary schools.

Keywords: Teacher Confidence, Primary Schools, School Administrators
Stream: Organisational Learning, Organisational Change
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Comparing Levels of Trust in School Management in Private and Public Primary Schools

Prof. Nezahat Güçlü

Affiliation not supplied
Ankara, Maltepe, Turkey

Çiğdem Evsun Koç

Educational Administration and Supervision, National Education Foundation Gökkuşağı Primary School

She graduated from the department of Geography Education in Gazi University. She completed her Master’s degree in the department of Educational Administration. She has been working as a school manager assistant.

Türker Kurt

Academician, Educational Administration, Gazi University Educational Sciences Institute

He is a research assistant at the department of Educational Administration. He has been doing his PhD education at Gazi University Institute of Educational Sciences, Department of Educational Administration.

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