Teacher Change: A Dynamic Interactive Approach

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Bringing about teacher change in the classroom is complex. Planners need to be aware of the range of theories and concepts that provide insight into how to manage this in an effective and informative manner. This review emphasises the need to develop a more integrated dynamic approach to teacher professional practice informed by sociological, psychological and educational theory. Early approaches to teacher professional development utilised the transmission model of instruction and this influence pervaded for many years over-looking the complexity of factors related to teacher characteristics and implementation of new ideas. In recent times, a constructivist emphasis acknowledged the importance of teacher learning and the value of engagement to facilitate change. There has also been a resurgence of interest in transfer of learning and it is proposed that this process provides an opportunity for developing a dynamic interactive approach explaining how best to understand change in teacher practice. This approach emphasises the importance of transfer of learning to facilitate change by addressing issues such as teacher motivation, teacher change, professional development, adult learning and development of professional competence.

Keywords: teacher change, Transfer of Learning, Teacher Motivation, Teacher Change, Professional Development, Adult Learning, Professional Competence
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Dr. Lex McDonald

Head of School (Educational Psychology and Pedagogy), School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy, Victoria, University of Wellington
Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Head of the School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy and Director of Psychlex Consultancy. I have been a teacher, educational adviser and psychologist and have a particular interest in training and professional development.

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