Educational Choices and Cultural Taste: A Comparative Study in Three Multi-Racial Classrooms

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Taiwan’s advancement of economic development, improvement of living standards and increases of national income and government budget together have brought about a vigorous development in education activities. And now, immigrants are the new issue in Taiwan's education system. This study was designed to survey three different classes in different areas, and the data were gathered by observing the students learning and interaction in the different classrooms. The study focused on social stratification which influences the cultural taste in educational choices that the students and the teachers make in the classrooms. Also, the analysis of this study all regarding cultural experiences, and those even contains the styles of speech and dress.
The results of the study shows that the students with higher cognitive apprehension of superior cultural, whose grade, behavior and conversation in the classrooms are correspond with their social strata (middle-class). The variant, economic capital, do have great influences over cultural tastes on education. And that is one of the reasons to support the different education choices to the students. However, the working-class has its way to translate their cultural taste in education and those translations can effectively influence other students with their educational choices. And those different cultural apprehensions can be observed in transmission of ideas and patterns of behaviors with different groups of students in the classrooms.
The result of this study is shown that the educational choices (include teachers and students) between groups have great differences in stratification that came from differences in cultural capital and social capital, nevertheless; frequently interactions and validly translations in cultures between different groups can make the educational choice diversity invisibly. Even, the students themselves can integrate different cultures and create a new pop culture that shapes the familiar education choices in the classrooms.

Keywords: Education Choice, Cultural Taste
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Dr. Kai-Yuan Ho

Department of Applied English, WuFeng Institute of Technology
Chiayi, Taiwan, Taiwan

My name is Kai Yuan Ho, my friends call me Benimaru, now I focus on English learning. My hobbies are very extensive, I like singing, movies, and take exercise. My favorite exercise is racing game. In face, I used to be a racing car player several years ago. It’s very interesting and exciting. I enjoy speed a lot.

Wei-Ju Chen

Doctoral Student, Graduate Institute of Elementary and Secondary Education, National Chiayi University
Chiayi, Taiwan, Taiwan

I am a doctoral student in National Chiayi University in Taiwan. I'm now interested in multiculture education, and my research are focuses on gender and multiracial education problems.

Prof. Ruyu Hung

Associate Professor, Department of Education, National Chiayi University
Chiayi, Chiayi, Taiwan

Associate Professor, Department of Education, National Chiayi University

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