Learning by Design in Hong Kong: An International Implementation of the Learning by Design Methodology

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This paper explores the implementation of the Learning By Design Methodology (LbyD) (Kalantzis, M, Cope, B, & TLBDPG 2005) into an internationalised and intensive undergraduate teaching environment in Hong Kong, China. The Learning By Design (LbyD) methodology rests on four main knowledge processes: Experiencing (the known and the new); Conceptualising (by naming and with theory); Analysing (functionally and critically); and Applying (appropriately and creatively).
These knowledge processes were built into an innovative suite of activities designed to facilitate deep learning of organization theory and its application. The authors undertake a qualitative approach to assessing whether the LbyD methodology has a positive impact on learning outcomes. By comparing assessment pieces from two different cohorts (an earlier intake taught in the traditional or ‘usual’ method and a later intake taught using the LbyD methodology) and by drawing on personal reflections of previous teaching experiences, an informal teaching staff survey and unsolicited comments from students, the authors are able to make informed claims about the impact of the LbyD approach.
Initial results would indicate that the LbyD methodology leads to a qualitative difference in learning outcomes as well as a more rewarding classroom experience for both teaching staff and students.

Keywords: Learning by Design, Organization Theory, Undergraduate
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Jason Downs

Associate Lecturer, School of Management
College of Business, RMIT University

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jason researches and teaches in business management for RMIT University in various locations around the world including Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is interested in understanding how people make sense of their world and how this sense-making informs their decisions - particularly in a strategic sense.

Nigel Munro-Smith

Lecturer, School of Management
College of Business, RMIT University

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Nigel has specialised in undergraduate teaching. He has extensive experience (over 20 years) teaching in Asia with frequent visits taking him to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. His responsibilities have included course, stream and program coordination, writing online and distance education packages and promoting RMIT programs overseas. In particular, since joining RMIT Nigel has focused on undergraduate curriculum development and innovative approaches to teaching and assessment.

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