Contributions to Cyberculture from Elementary Education in Mexico

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Inclusion of IT into Mexican public education dates from 1985, but it was not until some ten years ago that efforts were redoubled in early adolescent schools (13-15 years of age) and some primary schools. The program with the broadest coverage in the country, installed in 120,000 classrooms, has only been in operation for five years. Moreover, all the experiences to date have been carried out under the banner of IT as a mere tool aiding the teaching of curricular content. Consequently, current curricula do not include the technical skills recognized as indispensable for students to become competent in utilizing information technologies: navigators who are analytic and evaluate information, problem solvers, creative and efficient users of productivity tools capable of communication and collaborative work. This leads to a problematic knot for initial and continuing development for primary school teachers.

This paper presents some results of the diagnostic study of teachers in Mexican primary schools that have incorporated IT. From a practical point of view this paper goes on to present arguments that sustain an elementary teacher training program aimed at developing their technological competencies within the theme of learning sites. We present the program that is designed to broaden the horizons through what moves teachers today so that they may participate in innovation and express themselves with ease in the intersection of linguistic, visual, and auditory languages to become citizens of primary school cyberculture.

Keywords: Elementary Teacher Training Program, Technological Competencies
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Contributions to Cyberculture from Elementary Education in Mexico

Laura Sánchez Rosete

Profesor, Área "Tecnologias de la Información y Modelos Alternativos, Üniversidad Pedagógica Nacional
México, D.F., Mexico

Laura Sánchez is an academic at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, México and has interest in changed teaching practice using IT. She has been involved in several research projects in this area and in elementary teacher training program. She is Coordinator of the site:,

Ref: L09P1437