Value Education and Curriculum Development in a Post-Apartheid Society: The Case of South Africa

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In this paper a brief description will be given of the rationale for the transformation process in South African education, which will include an overview of recent developments in education, including the broad framework and principles of the revised curriculum. In addition to this an overview of possible curriculum orientations will be given as this can provide a theoretical background and underpinning for the analysis of the curriculum. The aim is thus to describe possible curriculum orientations and then to assess whether the new school curriculum for Grades R-12 and aspects of the new education dispensation show characteristics of these orientations and to what extent this include and promote values education In addition to this, an overview will thus also be given of different approaches in value education, as this will also provide a theoretical background and to what extent certain key values are indeed accommodated through these curriculum orientations and in the new curriculum.

Keywords: Curriculum Development, Curriculum Orientations, Value Education
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
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Prof. Arend Carl

Professor in Curriculum Studies and Deputy Dean (Teaching), Faculty of Education, Stellenbosch University
STELLENBOSCH, Western Cape, South Africa

Arend Carl is a curriculum specialist who has written a book (in its 3rd Edition stage) and a number of publications on the subject of curriculum studies. The focus of his research is on curriculum theory, the role of the teacher as a key stakeholder in successful curriculum development, as well as curriculum change and the outcomes of these changes. He is currently the Deputy Dean (Teaching) of the Faculty of Education at Stellenbosch University. He is a C-rated researcher by the National Research Foundation in South Africa.

Ref: L09P1428