The Role of Television and Radio Presenters in Promoting Lifelong Learning Concept: The CyBC Paradigm

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Lifelong Learning as a concept is ambiguous and not yet fully understood by a lot of people. Even the best designed policy and strategies cannot be applicable and successful in practice if it is not well distributed to the target group intended to reach.

Here emerges the role of media as one, very important, parameter in diffusion of new information. This is a qualitatively based study that sets as an objective to explore the connections between the practice applied to transfer new knowledge - in this case the Lifelong Learning concept - through electronic media to the public and the role the mediators play, by analyzing how presenters are relating to the task and how they perform their professional self in a Public Broadcasting establishment.

This study concentrates in both written text and semi-structured interviews with presenters of both television and radio of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation-the public funded media of Cyprus - who have been assigned to serve the goal set by the Governing Body of Directors of CyBC for the year 2008 to be dedicated to the promotion of the Lifelong Learning concept to the public. A content analysis of two relevant programmes transmitted - television and radio- will be presented as an additional data supporting the evidence of the interviews.

The paper focuses on the way people involved in these procedures think and act while engaging in performing their duty, aiming to explore the picture with reference to their experience, their angle of views. This will offer some insights to the policy makers involved in educational process, especially the ones that are designated to form a policy framework on promoting the concept of Lifelong Learning.

Keywords: Lifelong Learning, Qualitatively-Based Research, Educational Policies, Media
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
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Maria Vassiliadou

Doctoral Student, Department of Social and Educational Policy
School of Social Sciences, University of Peloponnese

Nicosia, Cyprus

I am a doctoral student, working on Lifelong Learning Policy formation. My reserach is on Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and its contribution in promoting Lifelong Learning concept in Cyprus society. I am a member of the Board of Directors of CyBC, member of The Educational Council of Cyprus Ministry of Education, Member of The Political Bureau of Cyprus Socialdemocrats Party and Party`s Secretary on educational Affairs.

Ref: L09P1395