Thinking about Science: Using Concept Cartoons to Develop Primary Five Pupils' Conceptual Understanding of Light in One Primary School

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In this case study, concept cartoons were used as a teaching and learning approach, which took into account of constructivist views on learning science. A number of concept cartoons were created and used in teaching science to a class of primary five pupils in one government primary school in Brunei Darussalam. Specifically, the study addresses the following research questions:(i) What pre-existing ideas do primary five pupils have about 'light'? (ii) How effective are concept cartoons at challenging and developing these pupils' conceptual understanding of 'light'? (iii) Do the pupils' science conceptual understanding of light correlate with their achievement scores (post test)? The study involved thirty-two pupils and conducted over a period of five weeks. Pre and post achivement tests were administered to the pupils. Pre- and post-interview were conducted with the pupils. The alternative viewpoints presented in the concept cartoons had stimulated teh pupils to discuss snd srgue sbout the ideas. The results of the study indicated that a majority of the pupils had misconceptions about 'light'. The concept cartoons were found to be effective in challenging and developing the pupils' conceptual understanding of 'light'. There was an overall improvement of scores between the pre-test and post-test after the intervention (concept cartoons). Nearly all the achievement scores in the post-test obtained by the pupils were higher compared to the scores in the pre-test. It shows that pupils have gained a better conceptual understanding of 'light'. The findings of the study show that concept cartoon is one of the effective strategy in developing pupils' conceptual understanding of 'light'.

Keywords: Concept Cartoon, Constructivist, Case Study, Teaching and Learning Approach, Conceptual Understanding
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Dr. Siew Bee Lim

Senior Lecturer, Department of Science and Mathematics Education, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Brunei, Brunei, Brunei Darussalam

I am a science education lecturer specialised in primary science, assessment and professional development. I was actively involved in the planning and development of the new primary science syllabus, professional development for primary science teachers and teaching practicum for pre-service teachers. Currently, I'm teaching inservice teachers in conducting action research in schools. Consequently, they will become competent reflective teachers once they completed their study in the university. My teaching experiences ranges from primary, secondary and teacher training. I'm also an internal examiner for master programme in science. I will be supervising a Ph.D at the beginning of the new academic year - August 2007. I'm interested in conducting research on cognitive understanding of science of primary pupils and assessment.

Ref: L09P1381