Bilingual Online Books: Promoting Literacy and Linguistic Growth in English Language Teaching

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Since the 1980s a vast number of bilingual books have been published in the United States and they have been placed on Internet and named as “Bilingual Online Books.” Online books include a complete text in two languages and can play an important role in supporting English as a foreign language (EFL) students’ language and literacy skills. That is, learners can maintain their L1 through reading literature in their native language that reflects their own culture. Also, feelings such as self esteem, self-identity, valuing his own heritage, empathy and so forth might be encouraged by the reading of these bilingual books. In terms of linguistic outcome, vocabulary knowledge, listening and reading comprehension can also be improved with the use of bilingual online books. Based on constructivist theoretical framework, this study investigates the impact of bilingual online books on bilingual learners’ vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension skill. The research questions are based on assertions as ; participants’ L1 linguistic and cultural knowledge's impact on reading bilingual online books, strategies that students develop while guessing unknown words in the books, contribution of multimedia use in online books to the reading comprehension and the implications of bilingual online books use in English language teaching. The participants of the study are 30 bilingual students, studying English as a compulsory course at Uzunbag Primary School, Samandag-Hatay/Turkey. In order to determine the impact of bilingual online books, the students will read 6 bilingual stories and listen to the storyteller online. Think aloud, interview and observation processes will be video recorded, a vocabulary test and comprehension questions will be given to the students to answer. This study will employ statistical calculations (Item Analysis, Descriptive statistics) to rate the results of the tests given to the students. Data collected through observations and interviews will be analyzed through phenomenological data analysis by Moustakas (1994).

Keywords: Bilingualism, Bilingual Online Books, Multiculturalism, Literacy
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Ufuk Tuncer

MA Student, Education Faculty, English Language Teaching Department, Mersin University
Mersin, Turkey

Ufuk Tuncer graduated from Mersin University ELT Department in 2007. He is an MA student at the same department at present.

Yildiz Turgut

Instructor, ELT Department
Education Faculty, Mersin University

Mersin, Turkey

Yıldız Turgut (Ph.D.): Yildiz Turgut is an instructor at the department of English Language Teaching, Mersin University, Turkey. She earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with ESOL/Literacy focus at University of Florida. She also received minors in Educational Psychology and Applied Linguistics and a specialization in Educational Technology. Her current research focuses on emerging technologies and English Language teaching.

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