Leadership in Action through Professional Development

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Effective leadership is a determining factor in any organization’s success, and demonstrating leadership constitutes an essential responsibility of the school administration. In order to maintain effective leadership in the entire educational system, the Ontario Ministry of Education introduced the Ontario’s Institute for Education Leadership in 2005. Within its mission’s framework, the Institute addresses a set of objectives divided into four key activity areas. These inter-related activity areas reflect the idea that the development of effective leadership in the Ontario school system is achieved through a global and diversified approach that considers the needs, advice and expertise of educators.

A specific participatory research project has been developed. Its objectives were: to develop knowledge and competencies of educational leadership in an effective schools framework, and to develop networks of collaboration between educational leaders in Ontario and Belgium. This presentation will establish the context in which it took place, and will summarily describe the educational systems of Ontario and Belgium. Key data elements will then be presented and important points raised by the participants will be detailed.

Keywords: Leadership, Educational Organization, Network, Partnership, Accountability
Stream: Organisational Learning, Organisational Change
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Marie Josée Berger

Professor and Dean, Faculty 
Education, University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Marie Josée Berger is a professor and Dean at the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. In addition to the extensive research she has conducted and to the expert knowledge she has gained in the field of leadership, her most recent research focuses on building capacity between leaders of different countries as well as literacy implementation of professional development and teaching and evaluation practices in relation to diversity.

Dr. Renée Forgette-Giroux

Professor, Faculty 
Education, University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Renée Forgette-Giroux is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. Her research interests and academic activities revolve around grading practices in the classroom as well as on a larger scale. She is particularly interested in politics, practises, strategies, and in building capacity between countries.

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