Transmission of Family Cooking Culture in Relation to Healthy Eating: Parents’ Perceptions

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The landscape of cooking is changing. In the contemporary eating culture, more foods are being eaten away from home. Coupled with extensive use of convenience food in family meals, food preparation skills are becoming less relevant to our living. Cooking, which used to be an important lifeskill, may become a ‘hobby’ in the future. Studies suggested that lack of food preparation skills is a barrier to the consumption of a healthy diet and to widening food choice, however, the challenge is that cooking skills are viewed by many as no longer necessary nowadays. There has been widespread social concern in different parts of the world over the disappearance of cooking skills among young people. Whilst cooking skills do not occupy a prominent place in health promotion practice, there is a need to convince school heads and parents that this is an important area which contribute to well being of individuals and families. Apart from that, we need to know more about the issue from the perspective of young people in order to develop effective programmes and work on their interests

This paper begins with a general review on the issue, then it reports findings of a study conducted in Hong Kong on Parents' views regarding the family’s role in the transmission of food preparation skills. The cooking and meal culture at home is defined and parents’ perception about cooking skills and healthy eating are identified. Attempts are made to provide useful information for schools initiatives of hands-on approach to food and nutrition education, with parents being placed in context.

Keywords: Cooking Skills, Food Preparation, Nutrition Education, Cooking Experience, Home Cooking, Healthy Eating
Stream: Equity, Social Justice and Social Change; Community, Culture, Globalisation
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Dr. Theresa Lai

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology
Technology and Living Division, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Hong Kong, China

Dr. Theresa Lai is Assistant Professor from the Hong Hong Institute of Education. She is currently teaching in the Technology and Living Division of the Department of Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology. Dr. Lai has extensive experience as a dedicated Home Economics educator. She has been actively involved in developing and teaching pre-service and in-service programmes in the Institute. Her research focus is on the implications of cooking skills and home cooking culture on health; contemporary food culture and dietary habits; and impact of technology on family life.

Ref: L09P1289