Interdisciplinary Counselling and Promotion of Change: What Can Be Done to Secure the Promotion of Something Else Than More of the Same?

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Advanced Courses of Supervision are developed to help former students from the Faculty of Health and Social Studies, University College of Østfold, to gain competence useful at work. At each meeting at least one participant presents a problem or a difficult task related to work that she already has experienced or is going to face in near future. The counselling may be individual; the problem-owner talks and explains to a counsellor, a conversation overheard by five participants and a professor that involve a meta-conversation that may include different methods. The counselling may be a group process as well. The participants wonder together; they discuss a presented problem. The point of departure is open questions. The primary objective is verbally to challenge and change perspectives in order to help the problem-owner to find a solution herself. The problem-owner owns the problem and is the person who decides if or how to act. Logs and reflective notes from 200 students show scepticism towards a one-sided focus upon realistic opportunities and realistic choices. They seem to appreciate the general pedagogical arrangement, but unasked close to 15% advertised for “a way or path or ladder that might burst organisational and other barriers that blocks for alternative performance”. How to deal with the evaluation Way of presenting the problem What can be done to secure the promotion of something else than more of the same? How can desired promotion of change be implemented?

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Counselling Inquiry, Promotion of Change, Gain Competence Useful at Work, Individual or Group Counselling, Verbally to Challenge and Change Perspectives Related to Work
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Prof. dr. philos. Ove Sandell

Dr. philos, Professor of Pedagogy, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, Østfold University College
Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway

I am doctor of philosophy from the University of Bergen 2000, writing about practical learning. I have been employed by the University College of Østfold, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, since 1988. My background was Master of social pedagogy, traditional pedagogy, special pedagogy, bachelor of history, Scandinavian languages and literature and ethnology. The last years I have been promoting the competence of my colleagues. I am one of four heading two times Master of Health Promotion and Community Care, starting 2006 and 2008 together with three Norwegian University Colleges; a master-program initiated and created and implemented in Sweden and Norway with the University of Karlstad, Sweden from 2002. I am also one of four heading a new Master of Interdisciplinary Management and Care. I participated in a Learning Conference in Habana, Cuba, 2003. My 30 minutes resulted in an article published in Thinking Classroom., Volume 8, Number 1, January 2007, as well as a Russian translation, Perema 2007.

Ref: L09P1278