Learning in Graduate Program Coursework by Means of Reflective Journals

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Student learning in a multi-disciplinary professional graduate program such as Project Management requires careful design. The Master of Project Management program offered by RMIT University caters for a diverse variety of students, drawn from a wide range of disciplines. Successful completion of the program requires proficiency in a number of different areas including human resource management, planning, quality management and risk. In addition the students need to be proficient in drawing all of the relevant areas together to successfully act as a project manager. Students undertaking the Masters degree have work experience, for a number of students in excess of 15 years. It is therefore important to provide them with challenging learning experiences.
To achieve these multiple requirements, a capstone subject has been designed to combine all the areas necessary for proficiency within the discipline of Project Management. The class is given the scope of a simulated project and the students are required to organise themselves into an effective project team. Central to the students’ learning experience in the subject it keeping a reflective journal. The intention of the journal is for the students to keep a weekly record of the activities associated with the subject and to reflect on these activities. At the end of the semester students have a full record of the conduct of the exercise together with their own reflections.

Keywords: Learning and Teaching, Reflective Journals, Graduate Study
Stream: Curriculum and Pedagogy; Student Learning, Learner Experiences, Learner Diversity
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Ian McBean

Program Director, School of Property Construction and Project Management, RMIT University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ian is the Program Director and Senior Lecturer for the Master of Project Management program at RMIT University. He is active in the learning and teaching area of the School of Property Construction and Project Management. Prior to joining RMIT, he was a consulting mechanical engineer for over 25 years. Interests include learning and teaching, project management and building services.

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