Online Portfolios: New Technologies Literacy As an Integral Part of the Communication Curriculum

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The Communication Department at Central Connecticut State University has introduced an optional series in new technologies literacy that allows the students to create and publish an online portfolio. In this portfolio, they include the most representative part of the work performed during their studies. The program has become a success. It not only provides students with the skills that are necessary to design and develop Web sites, but also stimulates them to perform better in the rest of the courses. The participants in this program, for instance, excel in courses with intensive writing assignments. They are especially motivated in courses in which they have to develop technology related skills, such us video and TV production or digital photography. Finally, the online portfolio becomes a powerful application tool after the students leave the university. The paper presentation discusses the methodology and system behind this educational concept and shows some examples of the students work.

Keywords: Online Portfolio, New Technologies, Streaming Media, Web Developing
Stream: Technology in Learning; Maths, Science and Technology Learning
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Dr. José Carlos del Ama

Associate Professor, Communication Department, Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut, USA

Dr. José Carlos del Ama has an extended international experience in both theory and practice of public relations. He completed his Ph.D. at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz (Germany) under the tutorship of Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, the author of the renowned social-sciences best-seller The Spiral of Silence. Dr. del Ama also studied at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid (Spain), when he achieved his Master Degree in Communication. During his extensive academic career, Dr. del Ama has been regularly teaching at the Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain), the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (Germany), the University of Connecticut (U.S.A.) and the Central Connecticut State University (U.S.A.). Lately, Dr. del Ama has been working with non-profit organizations in different European countries and the U.S.A. helping them design and implement online PR strategies.

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