Case Studies of Teaching-Research: Learning Mathematics with Strategy Games Environment.

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This study refers the way a strategy game, DRAGO, can help pupils from ESO (Obligatory Secondary Teaching) to develop strategies aimed at solving problems, and, in our case, to develop strategies aimed at solving problems where functional dependencies are involved.
More specifically, we want to see how the use of games helps enhance mathematical activity in high capacity pupils that do not manifest it due to an excess of routine, that provokes in them de-motivation towards discipline.
We will show the results of this strategy on two students as an example of what we say. But it is not only for these reasons. Bishop (1998) says: “Game has a close relationship with mathematical reasoning, and we can consider true the statement that says that it is the base of hypothetical reasoning”.

Keywords: Mathematical Games, Strategy Games, DRAGO (sprouts), Problem Resolution, Mathematics Learning, ESO students
Stream: Technology in Learning; Maths, Science and Technology Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Case Studies of Teaching-Research

Dra. Núria Rosich

Teacher, Departament Mathematics Education, Barcelona University
Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Lines of investigation: a) Teacher training b) Multiculturality c) Special needs

Mora Lluís

Teacher Researcher in a Secondary School, Barcelona University
Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

Member of teacher-researcher project and teacher in a secondary school

Ref: L09P1205