Noticing the Task-Performance Gap in Spoken Output

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This descriptive study mainly aimed at investigating whether noticing would occur when students were given an opportunity to reflect on their spoken output. Another aim was to investigate the types of linguistic features that were focused on during the noticing sessions.
In order to collect data, eight lower-intermediate EFL learners were given three different tasks to accomplish in speaking lessons. They were video- recorded during their performance. Then, they were invited to watch and comment on their output to see whether they are able to notice the gap between what they said and what they were supposed to say. These reflection sessions were also video-recorded. All the speech made by students was transcribed and analyzed. The first task was repeated at the end of the third task in order to find out whether there was a difference between the first and second noticing sessions of the same task.
The results indicated that the students noticed approximately 27% of the features that the researcher identified in total. They mainly noticed about grammar forms and secondly vocabulary issues. There were also a few noticed features related to function. This implies that the students were more concerned with grammatical accuracy of their output rather than function. Another finding of the study was that the nature of the tasks had an influence on the types of the noticed features and the frequencies of those features. The findings showed that the amount of noticing increased 80% in the repeated task when compared with the first application. Therefore, it can be interpreted that awareness of the students improved in time. The students changed and corrected appropriately in the average of 73% of the features that they noticed in total. This finding might suggest that their language competence was developing.

Keywords: Noticing, Awareness, Spoken Output
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Zuhal Kıylık

Instructor, English Language
The School of Foreign Languages, Anadolu University

Eskisehir, Turkey

Zuhal Kıylık was born in Eskişehir in 1969. She was graduated from The Faculty of Education English Language Department, Anadolu University in 1990. She received her MA in ELT in 2004. She started working as an English instructor at The School of Civil Aviation, Anadolu University in 1990. She has been teaching English at The School of Foreign Languages, Anadolu University since 1998. Her special interests are reading, listening to music and Latin dances.

Ref: L09P0118