Teachers’ Efficacy Beliefs and Perceptions about a New Curriculum Based on Their Area of Certification, Job Satisfaction, Gender and Participation of an In-Service Training

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Teachers’ sense of efficacy is a construct which has attracted a great deal of attention in the last 25 years (Cakiroglu, 2008). In this study, teachers’ efficacy beliefs regarding the new elementary mathematics curriculum has been investigated. In fact, teachers’ sense of efficacy and reforms in curriculum has many common points (Smith, 1996). Moreover, teachers are the stakeholders whose understanding of the curriculum has direct consequences on student learning. An instrument has been developed within adaptation to collect data about teachers’ efficacy beliefs and their utilization of the new curriculum. Moreover, comparisons were done according to their area of certification (primary or mathematics teachers), job satisfaction (low, medium and high), gender and participation of an in-service training. The results of the MANOVA analysis indicated that teachers’ area of certification and job satisfaction had a significant role on the collective dependent variables while gender and participation of an in-service training did not. The discussion and implications of the study has been revealed accordingly.

Keywords: Teacher Efficacy Beliefs, Teachers’ Perceptions about a Curriculum, Teachers’ Practices
Stream: Teacher Training and Professional Development
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Isil Isler

Research Assistant, Elementary Education Department, Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey

I graduated from elementary mathematics education Middle East Technical University, had a one year teaching experience in the upper primary level of an elementary school. I completed my master study in 2008 and pursue to Ph.D. studies in Middle East Technical University and work as a a research assistant for about one year.

Dr. Erdinc Cakiroglu

Associate Professor Doctor, Elementary Education Department, Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey

Ref: L09P1170