Work-Integrated Learning in Maritime Archaeology: An Australian Approach

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In recent years the Maritime Archaeology Program (MAP) at Flinders University has developed an innovative work-integrated learning program, in association with industry partners that includes fieldwork opportunities and internships (work-placements). This is largely in response to suggestions from consultancy companies and government agencies about the lack of job-ready skills among maritime archaeology graduate students. This is a very flexible program that aims to provide students with opportunities of at least two weeks and up to 3 months to develop both fieldwork skills and more general work practices. This paper will argue that work-integrated learning assists the graduates to get a position and then helps them to do well in that job. Participating in daily work practices and experiencing fieldwork are seen as keys in producing work-ready graduates.

Keywords: Work-Integrated Learning, Internship, Fieldwork, Australia, Maritime Archaeology
Stream: Adult, Vocational, Tertiary and Professional Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Work-Integrated Learning in Maritime Archaeology

Mark Staniforth

Associate Professor, Maritime Archaeology Program
Department of Archaeology, Flinders University

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Associate Professor Mark Staniforth has broad experience in historical archaeology, maritime archaeology and museums in a career that spans over twenty-five years. Mark is currently the Convenor of the Maritime Archaeology Program in the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University where he teaches topics in undergraduate and postgraduate maritime archaeology. He is the author of Material Culture and Consumer Society published by Plenum Press of New York in 2003. he is the editor (with Mike Nash in 2006) of Maritime Archaeology: Australian Approaches (Plenum Press. New York) and (with Mike Hyde in 2001) of Maritime Archaeology in Australia: A Reader (Southern Archaeology. Blackwood, SA.) He has published more than 70 publications in Australian and International journals in a twenty-five year career in maritime archaeology.

Ref: L09P1143