The Effects of Prep Listening Classes on the Frequency of Use of Listening Comprehension Strategy

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This study attempted to determine whether prep listening classes had positive effect on the frequency of using listening comprehension strategies. Therefore, the listening comprehension strategies used by students who went through a year long English preparatory program were compared with the frequency of listening comprehension strategies used by students who did not attend the English preparatory program.
139 first year students at Anadolu University, Education Faculty, English Language Teaching Department participated in this study. They were classified as the Prep Group and the Non-Prep Group. The Prep Group included 59 students who attended prep classes and the Non-Prep Group included 80 students who did not. These two groups of students responded to a Listening Comprehension Strategy Inventory (LCSI) which enquired about 13 listening comprehension strategies efficient listeners use in the literature.
Listening comprehension courses at the Preparatory School at Anadolu University have been conducted as a separate language learning skill. Listening comprehension courses aim to help students develop their listening ability from hearing to comprehending. This aim has been proceed as in implicit strategy training.The Prep Group students’ mean frequency of overall listening comprehension strategy use was expected to be higher than the Non-Prep Group students’, because the Prep Group students had implicit listening comprehension strategy training. However, the results of this study revealed that the mean frequency of overall strategy use is similar between the two groups. Both of the two groups of students use listening comprehension strategies moderately and there was no significant difference statistically in frequency of listening comprehension strategies between the two groups. To determine whether the two groups differed in terms of individual strategy use, the mean of the frequencies for each strategy was compared between the two groups. Results showed that both groups used the listening strategies equally frequently.

Keywords: Listening Strategies, LCSI
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
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Funda Gercek

Instructor, English Language 
The School of Foreign Languages, Anadolu University

Eskisehir, Turkey

Funda Gerçek graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Education, ELT Department, Turkiye (Turkey) in 1988. She received her MA TEFL degree at AnadoluUniversity in 2000. After she worked as an English teacher at different private schools and language courses, she started to work at The Communication Faculty as an English Instructor at Anadolu University in 1994. She worked as a listening skill coordinator from 1998 to 2002 at The School of Foreign Languages, Anadolu University. She has been teaching English at Anadolu University, School of Foreign Languages since 1998. Her research area is listening strategies while her special interests are traveling and swimming.

Ref: L09P0111