The Meanings Attributed to Writing Skills in English by Turkish Children: A Concept Map Study

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One of the four basic language skills of children, writing, is central to expressing themselves and to developing high level thinking capabilities. Competence in writing is a rather complex learning structure in which cognitive and, especially, psycho-motor learning processes are intensively employed and it further needs to be fed by perceptive processes. In these processes, on the one hand, students cognitively exhibit learning products oriented to creative high level thinking. On the other hand, they have to behave according to mind-muscle coordination.
The aim of this research is to figure out the cognitive processes regarding how the students show an approach to writing competence in English, making use of the affirmations of the students. This study has focused on 70 ninth grade students and the research has been qualitatively designed. The study has employed an open-end interview form in order to determine the cognitive processes used by the students and what they think while writing. Utilizing the data from these interview forms, the study has attempted to describe students’ opinions regarding writing in English with concept map methodology, and to constitute English writing competence thinking profiles of the students.
When results of the research are examined, it is observed that the students have mentioned what writing in English means to them; the factors that affect their writing process; the success-determining factors for writing in English; which topics they prefer to write about; their attitude towards writing; their expectations from teachers who instruct them to write in English; which learning methods they prefer; how their writings should be evaluated and so forth. The analyses of this study are still ongoing.

Keywords: English Writing Skill, Concept Map
Stream: Literacy, Language, Multiliteracies; Languages Education and Second Language Learning
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English

Dr. Ergin Erginer

Assisistant Professor Doctor, Department of Educational Sciences
Faculty of Education, Gaziosmanpasa University

Tokat, Turkey, Turkey

I am an assistant professor and the head of Curriculum and Instruction Program at the Gaziosmanpasa University. I am interested in education in specifically children's learning characteristics, teaching methods, drama teaching.

Veda Yar

Graduate Student, Institute of Social Sciences, Gaziosmanpasa University
Tokat, Turkey, Turkey

I am a graduate student in the Social Studies program in Institute of Social Sciences at the Gaziosmanpasa University.

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